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About us

Danish-produced natural chocolate delight

Based in beautiful Copenhagen, since 2011 we have handcrafted award-winning quality chocolates with the best natural ingredients. From the cocoa bean in the Ivory Coast to the finished chocolate bar, nature is our most important ally. We believe that the best taste experiences are found when everything superfluous is cut away. That is why we avoid e-numbers and artificial additives. And it is precisely the natural, the simple and the authentic that has inspired us to the philosophy ' Keep it Simply '. A view of life with a simple premise that the good is often found in the uncomplicated. Whether it's enjoying a good piece of chocolate, taking a break from the digital world or admiring a magical moment.

Same Same but different

If you've been part of our chocolate family for many years, you'll no doubt notice that something isn't quite as usual. Simply Chocolate has become Simply. New name. New logo. New design. But the same unconditional love for natural chocolate as always.

Our new brand identity must reflect and embrace our philosophy, which is committed to 'Keep it Simply' - that is, a reminder to make room for the simple, precious moments that really matter. An approach to life that is expressed in everything from the development of our recipes and the design of our packaging - to our daily life at the factory and not least our commitment to sustainability.


It's all natural, always.

Naturalness is a big part of our DNA. Taste and quality mean everything. Therefore, all ingredients in our range are natural, and we work to ensure that all the packaging is also natural. We use no additives, no aromas, no e-numbers - but only natural ingredients. Read more about our love for natural ingredients here.

Cocoa Horizons

The taste of a good conscience

At Simply we are proud to be part of the NGO Cocoa Horizons, which works purposefully to improve the lives of local communities in the cocoa industry. As a chocolate manufacturer, we consider it an important duty to be aware of our responsibilities and not least to act accordingly. But for us it is much more than a duty. We feel 100% convinced that the taste of good conscience is the best of all flavors. It comes naturally to us to produce chocolate with responsibility for both people and nature. We actually think you can taste it. Read here about our commitment to responsible cocoa production here .