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Mix akrylbox med 40 bites All the best bites gathered in one reusable box

Sale price€49,95

40 pcs. 

The box that keeps on giving
Discover 8 of our popular varieties of chocolate bites. Maybe you discover a new favorite? The reusable box is perfect for both the office, the living room or the obvious gift. Who wouldn't be happy with a box full of premium chocolates?

Dark Marci is marzipan and a double layer of premium dark chocolate.
Creamy Carol is soft caramel and premium dark chocolate
Pink Polly are raspberry, Persian licorice and premium white chocolate
Mocca Molly are crunchy coffee beans and premium dark chocolate
Grainy Sue are oats, spelled, peanuts, caramel and premium dark chocolate.
Crispy Carrie is crunchy caramel, flake salt and premium milk chocolate.
Salty Fred are salted, toasted almonds and premium dark chocolate.
Persian Perry is Persian licorice and premium white chocolate.